Wednesday, 28 May 2008

The Car's the Star!

Oonagh Robinson on Week Ten of The Apprentice...

You didn’t forget did you? Doh!
How many people up and down the country failed to remember about the change of day for this week’s episode do you reckon?
Oh well. It was all rather academic in the end.
Stupid Michael, as we all guessed he would, finally got the push. About three months too late.
The teams had to rent out posh cars to (mostly very, very drunk) businessmen in Canary Wharf.
Sounds a piece of cake.
Michael and the rest of Team Loser chose medium priced Ferraris and stuff.
They did okay, mainly thanks to Claire.
But they didn’t stand a chance against “Lee, Alex and The Zonda.”
Now I’m a bit like Lucinda - I haven’t got a clue what was so good about that vehicle.
Just listen to that engine?
No, don’t get it.
But I have to admit those boys looked HOT in their dickie bows.
Poor Michael, on the other hand, looked like a man who’d given up.
Right from the moment when Claire answered the early morning call from Frances (in her jimjams and a lovely pearl necklace??!!), there was none of the usual confident banter.
At one point, Michael was literally chasing a poor punter up the road in a bid to get him to sign a deal.
“I’ll come to your meeting with you!” he said, as the man ran off to call the police (almost).
S’ralan reckoned he had seen “glimmers of brilliance” in this good Jewish boy (he’s 25 in case you’re wondering) - who famously had no idea what kosher meant.
He must have been watching a different show, surely.
The only disappointment is that Sophocles will now miss the gruelling interview task next week.
How I would have loved to see him squirm his way through round after round of questions about his fairy tale CV.
“So you’ve only worked for a year. Where was that then? Acme Inc of America?”