Friday, 9 May 2008

So what’s all this about Corrie being back on a Sunday then?
Every Sabbath since January, we’ve been rushing home in a whirlwind, plumping ourselves down on the sofa at 7.30pm only to find Holly Willoughby in a low-cut dress telling us which celebrity had been voted out of Dancing On Ice.
Then, when we’re least expecting it (we were actually channel-hopping in search of the Nancy results), suddenly it’s back with Tear Maria droning on in monotone Mancunian: "But d’you luv us Lay-um? Yuv never luved us, have yuh?"
Pardon us for being short on sympathy but is the woman deliberately TRYING to send her handsome hubby sprinting into the arms of the nearest Cruella?
Elsewhere, our beloved Sally is fast transforming into Kirsty Allsop, now she’s got her beady eye on Ashley and Clur’s home with its magical shifting downstairs floor.
"That garden’s a little suntrap," she twittered to Kev. "And just imagine sitting and eating the Christmas dinner in the conservatory..." (where all the neighbours will be able to see Rawsie announcing which of her teachers she bedded).
You’d think she was on Place in the Sun talking about a bijou apartment in Malaga, rather than a mock Tudor three-bedroom on the other side of the street.
Next week, Liam turns to Carla for (more) comfort. But the biggest cliffhanger is... will Corrie be on this Sunday?
A little consistency is all we’re asking for, ITV.