Friday, 16 May 2008


Poor old Keef Miller.
He’s hardly in the show at all these days and then we he finally gets a scene, one of his only lines is: "Wellard’s pooed in my shoe."
Is there no end to the humiliation that man has to endure?
We’ve got a sneaking admiration for scruffy old Keef actually.
Ever since he gave the perfect explanation for why you should never put milk in a cup with a teabag before the boiling water when making a cuppa*, we’ve suspected he could be a genius character in the making.
Sort of EastEnders’ answer to Corrie’s Roy Cropper but with a bit of Frank Gallagher from Shameless thrown in.
However, obviously nobody agrees with us because he’s never given any stories. And he’s been axed. Which doesn’t help, obviously.
So it’s more wall to wall Slaters and Mitchells for the next 50 years.
Or maybe the Masoods will take over the show?
This week saw the arrival of their "evil" Uncle Imzamam - played by possibly the worst actor we’ve ever encountered.
Still at least his arrival gave us a chance to get to know snobby Mrs Masood a bit more.
There’s definitely something odd going on in that family. And why is she going off for a secret meeting with him next week?
Maybe she wants to have a word about his acting skills.
* It’s because the molecules in milk are actually bigger than the holes in a teabag. So if you put the milk in at the same time as the teabag, the tea flavour can’t get out properly...QI, no?