Thursday, 15 May 2008

Selling like hotcakes?....

Oonagh Robinson on The Apprentice, Week Eight...

So let’s all agree, it was an absolute travesty that Bambi-eyed Sara got the chop after the wedding fair disaster.
Yeah, yeah whatever.
She was a bit dull though wasn’t she?
Far better to keep some of The Dimwits in the show for a few more weeks.
Sara’s main problem was having a voice like an air raid siren and being in Team Loser (Michael, Alex etc) rather than Team Winner (Raef, Lucinda etc).
And with useless Helene (she used to be a model, you know) as her leader, the poor girl didn’t really stand a chance.
Helene decided that visitors to the NEC would prefer buying colourful tacky wedding dresses, like Jordan and Jodie Marsh wore, rather than exquisite designer originals by Ian Stuart.
And to be fair, the public did buy dozens of those hideous cheap numbers.
In fact, how much were they if Team Renaissance only made £1,500?
Helene’s awful decision meant Sara was lumbered with selling those fancy wedding cakes.
She and Dimwit No.1 Michael did everything but pull a gun out to force a sale, all to no avail.
If only someone had done what S’ralan later suggested and shoved one of their faces in the lovely edible delights.
Team Winner, meanwhile, played a blinder - selling three enormously expensive dresses at the last minute.
Raef pointlessly dressed up as a teddy bear. And Loudmouth Lee found his forte selling “fongs, bweefs and pan’ees.”
Trouble is, I suspect his business talents don’t go much deeper than that.
As for next week, surely Michael can’t survive another week in the boardroom?
And when will anyone notice that Dimwit No.2 Alex is completely blardy useless?