Thursday, 8 May 2008

It's just not kosher..

Oonagh Robinson on Week Seven of The Apprentice...

Two Jennifers for the price of one - now what a surprise bargain THAT was last night.
Well, it was a sort of surprise anyway.
Apart from the fact that everyone else I’ve spoken to seems to have known about the double firing for weeks.
Oh well. In the end it didn’t really matter because the Marrakech escapade was still a complete hoot.
And obviously, the episode will go down in history as “the one with the kosher chickens.”
Now I’ll admit I’m not completely sure what kosher actually involves in terms of poultry killing.
I know it’s not the same as “halal” though.
What’s more, if there was someone on my team who described himself as a “Good Jewish Boy” on his CV, I would expect him to be slightly more knowledgeable.
Fat chance with useless Michael Sophocles around.
Okay, he’s only “half Jewish” and he has a strange habit of crossing himself like my staunch Catholic mum when under pressure, but surely he should have known.
Margaret was right. Edinburgh can’t be what it used to be if that’s what the university tosses out these days.
Still, it was despicable Jenny Celerier who deservedly got the roughest end of the Wrath of S’ralan last night.
Her cheap trick in the boardroom (again) trying to pin it all on Michael completely did for her.
That and trying to bribe the shop not to string those tennis rackets.
And team leader Jennifer Maguire? Useless.
But at least she could get a part as one of the Connors in Corrie now.
I can’t help thinking that everyone would have done a lot better in the task if they’d had some crisp linen suits, as the marvellous Raef suggested.
Surely he’s going to win?