Friday, 9 May 2008

Surely it’s time Road Safety Officers in the borough of Walford had a good look at closing Albert Square to traffic once and for all.
How many more fatal or near fatal RTAs do we have to see before some kind of action is taken?
Literally millions of people have now been run over in this frightening accident black spot.
Okay, mainly that’s usually because the victims are chasing someone and not concentrating on what they are doing.
Just like poor Pat this week - hot-footing it like a girl in her teens after resident dimwit Steven. What was she thinking?
And now you mention it, the only time we ever see anyone driving a car in EastEnders is when they are about to have an accident. So you’d think folk would be a bit more prepared.
But even so. It’s madness.
Ironically, Pat is usually on the other side of the wheel when it comes to collisions.
Between her and dear departed ex-hubby Frank, they must have killed off 50 or 60 characters over the years.
Which obviously is not necessarily a criticism.
What a pity Roxy couldn’t have been at the spot a few seconds earlier and hit Stevie boy instead. Doh!
Of course, she was too excited celebrating Ben’s sudden transformation into Billy Elliot at the time. Another inspired plot line, eh?
And Roxy will have more to worry about next week.
Because she’s failed to remember the golden rule about any woman under 50 in a soap who sleeps with a man.
Ah, if only getting pregnant was really so easy...