Friday, 2 May 2008

We thought Susan must be wearing exceptionally jangly earrings this week but then we discovered there must be noisy wind-chimes in the Kennedys’ house.Listening to their strange, slightly eerie melody (anyone seen Hand That Rocks the Cradle?) was definitely preferable to listening to whiny Rachel wibble on about how she’s not allowed to sleep with her teacher any more and how she hates EVERYONE! And she wishes they were all DEAD! And yes, she’s mature enough for an adult relationship... what made you think otherwise?Meanwhile, in the coffee shop, Chubby Chops Harold was making small-talk with the customers.“Look at those lovely, big rosy cheeks,” he cooed at Baby Chloe who might have retorted that he could talk.Then Carmella announced she was going for a wax to celebrate the mysterious Marco’s homecoming.“Come back less hairy!” called Harold in a quirky take on the more traditional “Have a nice day!”Next week, Rachel runs away from home again. Can’t she stay away this time?