Friday, 16 May 2008

Emmerdale’s getting terribly arty on Tuesday nights.
Gone are the days of gossipy old biddies chuntering in the Woolpack while the latest Dingle floozy tried to drag the lord-of-the-manor away for a roll in the hay.
Instead we’re kicking off episodes with atmospheric music; Spanish guitars, moody rock singers, the works...
Meanwhile, all the episodes have names lifted straight from a Jilly Cooper novel like: Betrayal, Denial and Passion.
And after all this build-up, what did we get?
A shot of Viv and Bob wandering around in their dressing gowns, that’s what.
This kind of ‘80s pop video rubbish may work over on Hollyoaks, where everyone has to be under 22 and glamorous or they’re flung in jail and left to rot (quite literally... look at poor Becca).
But with Emmerdale, as with Shadrach Dingle, it simply won’t wash.
This week’s hour-of-fun focused on Viv being thrown into prison for taking part in a very complicated storyline that’s been dragging on so long we can’t really remember it. Fraud. Identity theft. Or something.
Bob somehow got mired in the mess too – possibly by dint of having a solicitor who looked like David Miliband.
Next week, Laurel and Ashley continue to argue about Arthur.