Friday, 2 May 2008



Unusual reaction from Gus, we thought, after being tied up, gagged and tortured by Albert Square nutter Sean Slater.
After narrowly avoiding a possibly horrid death because of Stacey’s timely appearance in the doorway, you might forgive the road sweeper for being a bit upset.
Actually, we’d have immediately run screaming from the flat and never returned to Albert Square again, if it was us.
Not Gus though.
He moaned a bit about wanting to call the police. But Stacey soon talked him out of it.
Ten minutes later he was sat watching the telly as though nothing had happened, apparently unconcerned that Sean could walk through the door any minute and finish him off.
Or are we just overreacting?
Talking of over acting, well done to Wellard for his performances over the last few weeks.
Surely a Soap Award gong is almost guaranteed this year.
Elsewhere this week we got terribly excited when Ian got off the phone and cried: "Simon’s found Lucy!"
Because for a split second there, we thought good old Wicksy was back in the show.
Unfortunately, he meant Simon the private investigator.
Oh well. Still, it’s a thought isn’t it?
Wicksy would be a major improvement on his son Steven anyway.
What an odious little creep.
But if you think he’s bad now, just wait until you see what he gets up to next week.