Thursday, 5 June 2008

Loopy Lu legs it - but who will win?

Oonagh Robinson on Week 11 of The Apprentice

Well, S’ralan thought she was a bit too zany for him - so off Lucinda and her bright coats and berets jolly well went.
Leaving us with four finalists who are not the slightest bit zany at all - just stark raving barmy the lot of them.
Yes, this year’s interview task was another cracker - providing offices all over Notts with something to talk about all day.
First, there’ll be fluent English speaker Alex - he’s 24 you know - who dobbed Loopy Lu in for saying that she might not want to be The Apprentice after all.
Actually, seeing as she’s on 100 grand a year and doesn’t really need the job, I don’t much blame him.
Then there’s shouty LEE MCQUEEN who went to university for two years. Oh no, it was four months, wasn’t it?
Still it’s an easy “mistake” to make on your CV.
And what does such an oversight matter when you can do such a good “reverse pterodactyl” in a formal interview setting?
Monotone Helene played the “I’ve had a really tough background” card. She also thinks everyone else is a gobsh*te.
S’ralan said he wasn’t impressed but he still didn’t fire the boring tart.
Next there’s gobby Clur, who’s very motivated, very focused and will probably win. Zzzzzz.
She’s on £85,000 a year already too. Does it make you wonder what you’ve been doing wrong all your life when this lot can earn so much for doing... sod all by the look of it?
So goodbye Lu and let’s look forward to next week’s final.
Will it be blank canvas Alex - he’s 24 you know - or will down to earth LEE MCQUEEN pip him at the post in his Zonda?
Will feisty Clur and her pearls get her man or will Helene send everyone into a coma and seize the day?
Who wins? You decide.
Oh no, wrong show...