Thursday, 12 June 2008

Smells like team spirit...?

Oonagh Robinson on the final of The Apprentice...

That’s it then. Three months of all our lives down the pan watching this God forsaken programme...
And all so that shouty LEE MCQUEEN could at the last minute get chosen as Sralan’s apprentice.
Eh? What? Where? How?
I’m thinking of starting a 24-hour hotline for any other viewer who doesn’t really understand why the Reverse Pterodactyl got the job.
On the face of it, everything rested on the final “perfume” task.
Although alarm bells started ringing with me when it turned out not to be one of those challenges that depended on how much money the teams raised or anything sensible like that.
Instead it was one where the experts just had to give “feedback” - so Sralan could randomly choose to ignore it.
Alex - he’s 24 you know - and Helene could have quite easily “won” with Dual and its innovative bottle (yes, it WAS that designer bloke who came up with the idea, not Alex or Kevin).
Okay, it was expensive to produce, but that Givenchy bloke was almost having kittens he was so impressed.
Wonder would he have felt the same if they had called it Girth, as Helene suggested.
But it was Clurr and LEE MCQUEEN who triumphed with the ever-so-dull Roulette.
And instead of giving the job to tough talking safe bet Clurr - Sralan went for a bloke who looked and sounded like he should be running a market stall selling knock-off watches,
Okay, he was on the winning side a lot and all his team-mates seemed to think he was a bloody nice bloke.
But would YOU put him in charge of Sales and Marketing for a high-tech new advertising initiative at a salary of £100,000 a year? Cos that’s what Sralan’s going to do.
I give it six months before Lee turns up on I’m a Celebrity...