Thursday, 17 April 2008

Oonagh Robinson gives a snapshot opinion on The Apprentice - Week Four

Simon Smith must be the nicest bloke ever to appear on The Apprentice.
Even Sr’Alan himself seemed reluctant to get rid of the big hearted ex army boy.
None of the usual “You’re a lightweight!” or “You’re a total shambles!” accompanied his sacking after the photography task.
Instead, it was “sorry” this and “my friend” that.
Luckily gobby Renaissance Number Two Claire Young was around to get it in the neck instead.
“I’m sick of the sight of yer!” Sr’Alan barked as he dramatically told her to “Get out!”
Unfortunately, she was only told to get back to the house not out of the series for good.
Fingers crossed for next week, though.
Tearful Simon did make a total pillock of himself leading his team of hilariously reluctant followers as they took photos of shoppers at Bluewater.
He put himself forward largely on the basis that his best mate was a photographer. And he knew about shutter speeds. And SLRs. And tripods.
So, bound to be good then?
It was a bit of a rotten task to be honest.
Why did the technical office have to be about three hours walk away from the photo set?
They weren’t being set up for a fall by any chance?
Team Alpha fared little better, especially with Loopy Lucinda, who doesn’t do technical at all, at the helm.
Just what DOES she do for Gawd’s sake?
Favourite moment of the evening though was in the boardroom when evil geniuses Alex and Jenny gave each other that split second knowing glance as they realised Sr’Alan had it in for Claire.
“You’ve hit the nail on the head, it was all her fault, we had nothing to do with it!” Jason Orange lookalike Alex more or less said as the two spotted their chance to get rid of Claire.
Those two will go far.
Talking of lookalikes, you do have to ask yourself why Alpha bothered hiring in David Beckham.
They could have got Kevin to put on a dress and do Vicky Pollard for a lot less