Friday, 25 April 2008

Emmerdale’s got some cracking storylines going on at the moment – especially the baby mix-up plot (although Ashley does have a habit of looking rather constipated in times of tragedy). Next week, Hilary is horrified about Mel and Greg’s plan to move to Spain permanently, prompting the heartbroken grandmother to take desperate measures to keep hold of Arthur.
The cop shop harassment plot involving Donna Dingle and that Shane (never trust a man with blonde eyelashes) is also a good’un.Now these sort of storylines could happen in any soap but next week, the show reverts back to its more usual “Only In Emmerdale” diet.
Jaw, the world’s most unlikely farmer’s wife, is worried her cheese has given TJ E-coli.
And Eli and Belle Dingle, who decide selling manure is the ideal way to drum up cash for her school fees.