Monday, 21 April 2008

Bats in the flats


Coronation Street
IT was Jason Grimshaw... but I don’t believe he was the brains behind the operation..." mused Roy Cropper this week, as he tried to track down who was responsible for Operation Smoking Bat (no reference to Deirdre intended).
"Jason? He’s not the brains behind anything!" chortled the marvellous Becky.
You can say that again. We could have told Tony ourselves – if you want to see a master criminal at work, don’t ask for Jason Grimshaw.
"I was just taking a walk... TAKING A WALK!" he kept saying, over and over. "And they didn’t suffer... oops, no, I’ve said too much!"
One of the foremen had already offered to do the deadly deed but Tony clearly couldn’t choose this much more capable, devious rogue because he’s only an extra, whereas our Jase is a main character which means this could drag out for months.
Not that we’d object.
All this drama has put Corrie back to something like its best – hugely comedic (although not for the poor bats, obviously) and utterly believable.
It’s certainly an improvement on the dreaded Connor sulky-son-swap stuff or Lauren slowly writing herself out of the soap by being super-obnoxious (the only benefit of this is that Sean appears marginally less irritating in comparison).
And while we’re on the subject of minor sub-plots... do you think the Mortons are ever going to get a storyline that DOESN’T involve one of the kids wanting to leave the kebab shop?
At least there was some progress in one area this week, with what Liz MacDonald called "the grand urpening of the smurking shelter", a mysterious structure that, the space of one weekend, seems to have gone from "massive hole in the wall" to something so big and luxurious the camera can’t fit it all in.
Still, the old bats love it. And, no, we don’t mean those ones.
Next week – prepared for lots of bewildered blinking as Gail’s dad shows up.
Roy Cropper Fact of the Week: Amazing little creature, the pipistrelle. In one night, it can consume over 3,000 insects.