Friday, 25 April 2008

As far as coming up with good reasons to get married is concerned, we think Minty’s sort-of proposal to Evvar was quite a good un.“I just want someone I can sit on the sofa with and watch The Goonies on a Sunday afternoon,” he implored as she was about to go back to the dreaded Mummy on the bus.Wonder was he watching the telly last weekend, then, because that’s EXACTLY what we were doing.Slobbing on the sofa watching The Goonies that is.
Not going back to Mummy. Gosh, Channel Five is brilliant for rubbish 80s movies isn’t it?The climax to the interminable wedding magazine storyline was actually quite a hoot in the end.Best bit by far was Evvar’s hen night. When only Evvar and Shirley turned up. “I’ve got enough food ’ere for 30 people,” Shirl commented.“I know. Great, innit?’ Evvar drooled.
Then a rather large George Michael arrived to mime very badly to some records.“Seventy quid I paid for that,” poor Shirl complained. “What did you do with the other fella on the website? Eat him?”You see, Easties CAN do comedy. Not often, but sometimes.
Elsewhere, Roxy got drunk, Sean was obnoxious and Ian had one of the most severe looking haircuts we’ve ever seen on a chap.Gave him the appearance of a slightly older version of Beaker from The Muppets we felt...