Thursday, 3 April 2008

Oonagh Robinson dishes the dirt on The Apprentice - Week Two

Sorry to be talking fish again after last week’s debacle, but poor Shazia was stitched up like the proverbial kipper last night.
Why didn’t team leader Jenny “I Like To Use Unpalatable Breastfeeding Analogies” Celerier go?
Or maybe Loopy Lucinda? And more importantly, where the hell did all her colourful berets disappear this week?
Yes, virtually anyone from Team Alpha was worthy of firing after the laundry task. If only for the fact that NO-ONE thought charging the hotel £4.99 per item was maybe, a bit, you know, on the steep side?!
But at least Shazia had the gumption to try to set up a simple system for keeping track of all the dirty washing.
Is it really a sacking offence to have assumed someone else would take it over when she went home early to try to find out where the boys had hidden the ironing board?
But our Sr’alan knows good TV when he sees it - and the possible future bitching sessions between Jenny and Lucinda meant they were never going to go.
That’s the beauty of The Apprentice not using a boring viewer voting system.
Team Renaissance, meanwhile, played a blinder under the laid back leadership of Lawrence of a Raef-bia.
To be fair, the boys’ success was probably much more to do with Sgt Major Simon Smith and his years of experience doing laundry... “in Bosnia.”
It fair brought a tear to the eye to see them bonding so closely after last week’s bickering.
Besides, I knew they were going to win as soon as Alex came downstairs to answer the phone... in his Superman jim jams.


Ric said...

I reckon the bespectacled one that looks like Beaker from The Muppets shuld have gone. SAS is mad.