Monday, 21 April 2008

And it’s yet another baby-swapped-at-birth storyline which rather makes you wonder if Emmerdale producers have been paying ANY attention at all to what’s going on over on Corrie, where the interminable Michelle son-swap stuff has left we poor viewers wanting to stick biros through our own retinas.
But clearly they have, because Emmerdale’s son-swap storyline is vastly superior.
In a highly moving, hugely emotional script a few weeks ago, Laurel and Ashley lost their baby son Daniel to cot death.
But now Laurel’s pushy mother Hilary (superbly played by Paula Wilcox... you see, Emmerdale, if you want to hire a celeb-staffed cast, you should go for actual actresses rather than, say, Linda Lusardi) suspects a local couple whose child was born on the same day as Daniel may, in fact, be Laurel and Ashley’s son.
Unlike most Emmerdale plots which are, let’s face it, panto slapstick, this one has thus far been beautifully judged. You’ve seen the realisation dawn on Hilary’s face as it was revealed the other baby’s mother was a carrier of cystic fibrosis (just like Daniel). Her desperation not to hurt her daughter or worsen their rocky relationship tempered with her real need to see her grandchild restored to the family.
Great stuff.
Elsewhere, there was the usual rubbish about Matthew "planting" screechy Lexi as Carl’s PA so she could find out top-secret stuff. Such as, um, what day they do bin collections? (and is it different on a Bank Holiday)? Why would you employ that bird’s-nest-haired bint to work for you at all, never mind undercover?
Next week, Ross and Marlon join forces to take on Shane. He must be terrified.