Thursday, 23 April 2009


Oh how I wish Harry Hill was still on at the moment...
“I like Pants Man... I like Captain Squawk... but which is better?
“There’s only one way to find out.... FIGHT!!!!!”
Unfortunately, we’ll never get to see those costumed characters scrapping on the floor in that inimitable HH way.
Never mind, last night’s advertising task was probably more hilarious than any sketch you’re likely to see on a dedicated comedy show.
The teams were asked to come up with a new breakfast cereal brand and a promotional kids’ character, which would be launched in front of a room bursting with top London advertising execs.
Although let’s face it, most of the people crammed into that room were probably just nosy office workers sneaking a look at what were bound to be embarrassingly terrible presentations.
American Creme Puff Kimberly and her team of “creatives” came up with the ludicrous Pants Man. Largely because Phil stamped his foot and said he wouldn’t play any more if they didn’t run with his barmy idea.
I’d almost forgotten Mona was still in the show by the time she took to the mike to lead their pitch - but she sure as heck ended up creating a memorable telly moment.
After carefully explaining the benefits of eating bran flakes and five, or possibly three, portions of fruit and veg a day, she got straight to the point about her new cereal Wake Up Call.
“You won’t dress up like Pants Man... because you’re not Pants Man.... Only Pants Man gets away with his pants over his... clothes.”
What the blobbing hell was she on about?
For a minute there, I did think there was going to be a last minute twist - and this apparently terrible idea would end up winning on a technicality, as so often happens on The Apprentice.
You know, it had the best colour box or the other team had forgotten to mention something really vital.
Thankfully, Treasure Flakes and Captain Squawk rightfully won the day for the marvellous Kate.
Although the little lad in her ad nearly scuppered them: “I don’t have to eat it do I? I’ve got a nut allergy...” Arf.
Faced with a firing, Kimberly had ample opportunity to take some of the quiet numpties who did absolutely nothing on the task into the boardroom.
Instead, she took loudmouth Phil and lamentable Lorraine - both of whom wiped the floor with her.
Serves her right for starting the task off with that fatal grin of enthusiasm and the boastful: “Yes! This is the task I’ve been waiting for...”
Wake up call indeed.