Thursday, 22 January 2009

Who's your winner (or runner up, at least)?

OONAGH ROBINSON on the latest "live" eviction from the Celeb BB house...

So it’s all over for LaToya and Tommy following last night’s live eviction.
Well, you know, I say live.
According to my sources, the second eviction show wasn’t live at all.
It was recorded straight after the first show ended (ie during Heston Blumenthal’s silly show about Little Chef).
That’s why the phone lines closed so early.
Did you notice, for instance, that when we returned to the house at 10pm, there was quite clearly no: “You are live on Channel 4, please do not swear?”
Anyway, I digress. LaToya and Tommy are no more.
Bit of a surprise about the former, not a shock at all about the latter. I won't really miss either of them much.
Indeed, Davina's revelation that Janet Jackson was in London and on her way to congratulate her sister did rather make me wish she'd been in the house instead.
So now we can just about see the finishing line.
And the big question is.... who will actually come second to sure fire winner Verne (did you hear that crowd cheering him)?
Ulrika could claim the female vote and do very well.
Ben - although the boring swine doesn’t deserve it - might be popular with the ladies too.
Coolio has certainly been larger than life, but could you actually call him popular?
That leaves good old Terry - who for my money has been witty, entertaining and a thoroughly decent bloke throughout.
Maybe someone will even revive The Word on the strength of his appearance.
But don't let that put you off.
Vote Terry your runner up now.
And enjoy seeing Verne emerge (out the back door) as the victor in Friday's (live) final...