Tuesday, 20 January 2009

The girl done good...

OONAGH ROBINSON on the latest eviction from Big Brother...

Well, I can think of worse ways of being evicted from Celebrity Big Brother.
Most of these “surprise” jobbies involve the evictee being unceremoniously shoved outside in dressing gown and slippers with greasy hair and no make-up.
Michelle, on the other hand, came out looking like a Greek goddess as 50,000 paparazzi jumped over themselves to get pictures.
Can’t think for the life of me who managed to get their vote in during such a short space of time.
Especially when EastEnders and Corrie were on at the same time on the other side.
I wouldn’t be surprised if we find out in a couple of months that this eviction was one of those naughty scams Ofcom keeps investigating. And the only people who actually voted were Davina and a couple of PR skivvies.
Still, Michelle’s done well out of this programme and no mistake.
Who’d have thought a member of a defunct pop band like Liberty X could take so much attention away from far bigger luminaries like Ulrika, LaToya and Mini Me?
Can’t wait to read the first spread with her and the now infamous Hugh in Heat next week.
You’d almost think she planned this whole thing. Surely not?
So now it’s a straightforward vote for your favourite to win on Friday.
Lordy, but there are still a lot of people to choose from in there though!
I can’t see anyone but Verne coming out top, but maybe the strange but wonderful LaToya can pip him to the post at the last minute.
As for me... I’m going for Terry. Purely on the basis of his brilliant analysis of the typical voter on Big Brother.
A right thicko.