Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Gentle Ben escapes this week's vote...

OONAGH ROBINSON on the latest from the Celebrity Big Brother House...

Does it make you wonder whether BenFromA1 has got some dodgy photos of the other housemates in Celeb BB?
Why else did so many of them vote to save the ever-so-famous-honest-singer from facing the public vote in last night’s live show?
Have I been watching another programme or since when was he such good chums with everyone all of a sudden?
The only exciting thing he’s really done so far is make the mistake of asking LaToya: “Have you ever been married?” Oops.
Cue Ms Nutty as a Fruitcake Jackson going on and on for about six hours about how she was forced to get married to some Italian Mafia bloke (on the basis that she could get an annulment after six months, of course) and how he beat her up and intimidated her until she could take no more and ran away.
Or something.
Must admit, BenFromA1’s face as this unlikely tale unraveled was quite a picture.
“Save me now!” he seemed to be saying as he nodded along politely.
And save him the others duly did in the end.
So now we’ve got to choose between Ulrika and Lucy for this week's eviction.
And I never thought I’d hear myself say this, but... I do hope Ulrika stays.
She’s chatty and engaging and really quite funny.
Whereas Lucy is dull as dishwater.
Let's do the right thing and vote her out, ok?