Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Methinks the lady doth protest too much...

OONAGH ROBINSON on this week's Celeb BB eviction news...
So it’s a depressingly familiar scenario in the Celeb BB house this week....
Four female housemates up for eviction when it really should have been a couple of males (Coolio and Terry).
Never mind all the fuss about bullying and racism - it’s good old fashioned sexism that often wins the day in this setting.
So who will get the old heave ho?
Not Mutya, I reckon. You have to actually do something to inspire people to pick up the phone to get rid of you.
And despite everyone moaning about how controlling and irritating Ulrika is, viewers aren’t really seeing this side of her. So she could be all right.
Tina is a definite contender for the boot, what with the shouty thing and the sweary thing. Oh and the annoying shaky head thing. And let’s not forget the alarming toe nail bitey thing either, shall we? I don’t think that image will fade from my memory in a hurry.
That just leaves weepy Michelle.
She keeps getting ever so upset because of Coolio’s jibes about her closeness with Ben. She’s worried her boyfriend will be watching and dump her if the rapper carries on taking the Mick.
The hilarious thing is, nearly everyone else in the house has also been whispering about Ben and Michelle behind their backs.
The boyfriend is much more likely to be worried by them than by Coolio’s childish insinuations.
It’s all a classic “methinks the lady doth protest too much” situation by the looks of it.
After all, when Tommy told Michelle last week that he didn’t want to dance with her because of how it could look on the outside, Michelle casually laughed his worries off.
Yeah - because she doesn’t fancy him, does she?
Dishy Ben’s a different kettle of fish though.
Or then again, maybe Michelle is a lot cleverer than we all think.
Could it be that she’s just orchestrating a controversy where one doesn’t exist, so that when she eventually gets out the media will be all over her and her chap?
Surely not?
Only YOU can decide...