Thursday, 15 January 2009

Coolio and the gang

OONAGH ROBINSON on the latest BB News...

Eh? How did that happen then?
One minute Coolio is being a truly “vile man” to Ulrika and Michelle - telling them their ass will be out of HIS house on Friday.
The next Michelle is apologising to him for daring to call him a bully.
You’ve got to hand it to Coolio, he’s got that whole house eating out the palm of his hand.
Even Big Brother seems a bit scared to reprimand him.
That serious voiced version of BB did try and tell the rapper in the diary room that some of the things he said last night could be taken as offensive.
But there was no order to apologise immediately to the girls or anything.
Yet when the ever tearful Michelle went in to see Big Brother, she was asked if she could have a word with Coolio and sort the situation out.
Which she (rather bravely) did.
Whatever you think about Michelle and whether she is making a mountain out of a molehill with this whole Ben thing, Coolio has been a bit of a git to her.
An entertaining one, but a git nonetheless.
Is there anyone with the balls to stand up to this man?
Terry (who’s turning out to be a bit of a star this series) has tried, admittedly.
And LaToya seems to get his attention, but she’s always getting the wrong end of the stick.
Tommy is too busy worrying about looking a plonker while dressed as a racing car (uh hum).
Ben is just a waste of space, while Tina “I Know Everything Ages Before You Do” Malone is not interested in the situation because it’s not about her.
That probably just leaves the marvellous Verne to cool Coolio down a bit.
Wouldn't you love to see him let rip (preferably dressed in that teddy bear suit)?


Simon Wilson said...

Coolio is emerging as a favourite in this house and may edge it past Terry "didn't he used to be annoying?" Christian in the last hurdle.
Michelle is a baby and deserves to be torn apart like a doe-eyed deer cowering before a pack of lions.