Wednesday, 4 February 2009

The kids are all right...

More cutting edge investigative journalism from Channel 4 last night with the hard hitting series Boys and Girls Alone.
Apparently, right, if you get a group of primary school aged boys and a group of primary school aged girls and leave them together in a house to fend for themselves for three weeks without any adult supervision, chaos ensues.
Blimey, who could have known?
Still it was all ever so entertaining in a kind of "Big Brother for Little Uns" way.
The boys spent their entire time the first couple of days playing at water fights and failing miserably to feed themselves.
One little fella did try to cook himself a Pot Noodle, but didn't know how to plug the kettle in. So he tried it with cold water instead. Nasty.
The girls, meanwhile, were a lot better at cooking - with a decent looking Spag Bol on the cards one night.
Only trouble was, the two self styled head girls weren't giving their lovingly cooked food to just any old housemate. Oh no, THEY decided who ate and who didn't.
They decided more or less everything in fact.
Yes indeed, the girls had quickly divided into the It Crowd and the Isn't Crowd.
At one point the It girls broke into their rivals' house and sprawled evil messages like: "You're going to die" on the walls.
Which made a couple of eight-year-olds cry ( and I must say I would have too).
It must have been a proud moment for the parents as they watched this real life horror story unfold from the safety of the video room, where they were merrily following the action.
At one point, the grown ups were allowed to visit their offspring and offer a bit of moral support and guidance.
One little lad, who was more or less starving, begged and begged his mum to go home.
She was having none of it - after all, she wanted her 15 minutes of fame didn't she?
Eventually she relented and the tot was last seen tugging his suitcase out the gate as his fellow inmates looked on.
Eye opening stuff this for anyone who's ever wondered what their kids get up to when they're on their own.
But I kind of hope it doesn't go on for to much longer.
Remember Lord of the Flies anyone?