Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Kilroy the Cheat...

So, it was Robert Kilroy-Silk’s first bushtucker trial in the I’m a Celeb jungle - and what a cheating rat bag he turned out to be.
In a frankly rubbish task, he claimed some of the keys for the padlocks holding him in chains in the scary dark chamber “weren’t working” properly.
So when he popped open the lid and announced:"I've won!"- Ant and Dec had to point out that the reason he couldn’t get out was because he hadn’t opened the final lock correctly.
And he had to go back inside until he’d undone it properly.
Course, by this time, rival Joe Swash had won the posh nosh for his team mates in “Camp Camp.”
Kilroy wasn’t happy.
But then how can you hope to compete with someone who has “protected and loved from above” written on his bum?
The trial was actually far less interesting than the other stuff happening on the show - especially now the two teams have become one and two new celebs are set to come in.
So far, George looks like he’s having a ball, Brian and Dani have both turned out to be proper stirrers and Esther is just lovely.
Joe is emerging as the life and soul of the party, while Martina seems to be sinking fast - she’ll have to get her act together if she’s going to make any kind of impact.
Can't really remember the others, they're so dull. And as for our resident villain Kilroy, he’ll have the chance to prove himself again as the public has chosen him to do the silly “Travolting” dance thing.
Unfortunately, some dimwit at ITV has decided we won’t see this spectacle tonight because the football is on instead. Grrr.
Still, we can always entertain ourselves by singing songs, like the ones Joe loves.
Altogether now: “Olly, olly, olly...”