Sunday, 16 November 2008

And they're off...

Oonagh Robinson on the first episode of I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here 2008...

So here we go then. The battle to find out which z-list celebrity will emerge victorious in the jungle (and, more importantly, go on to appear in the next set of Iceland adverts) is on.
Good news on one front, at least. I'd actually heard of fully seven out of the ten stars selected to appear this year - which must be something of a record with this kind of show.
I'm never that happy when they do the old "splitting the camp in two" routine as I just think it's a shame that potential sparring partners are separated.
Still, it is rather amusing when the same team keeps losing all the time.
Yes, the red team were focused, chatty and had obviously bonded before they'd even jumped out of that aeroplane.
The yellow team, on the other hand, had Robert Kilroy-Silk in it.
Great to know that our own dear old MEP will at last be doing something worthwhile for his constituents - making a complete pillock of himself for our entertainment for the next three weeks. Probably less, thinking about it. We give it about 24 hours before one of his team mates punches him for his constant bitchy comments.
Can't say I'm particularly looking forward to the boring glamour model vs Micky Miller from EastEnders in tomorrow's trial. Who votes in these things? Own up.
But here's my take on the characters so far:

Yellow Team:

Robert Kilroy-Silk - He wants to show the world he is kind, loving and compassionate. He is failing.
Esther Rantzen - The TV presenter will need to show a feistier side if she wants to avoid the "little old lady" label.
Carly Zucker - She's the fiancee of Joe Cole. I'd never heard of him either. Kilroy thinks she's a control freak, but she just seems very dull to me.
Simon Webbe - He's worried his shyness could be taken as arrogance, but he seems nice. Boringly nice.
Nicola Mclean - The glamour model did precisely nothing in the first episode, so I'm very bemused as to why she is up for the first trial. Fix, fix, fix.

Red Team:

Joe Swash - He was rather amusing in a kind of Dean Gaffney manner in that first trial. Could be a stayer.
Martina Navratilova - She thinks she's the greatest tennis player that ever was and appears to be having a great time so far. I find her irritating.
Brian Paddick - The gay policeman wants to show his butch side - but he looks like he's going to faint at virtually every moment.
Dani Behr - The bird from The Word comes across as one of those girls at school who always wins at sport. Grrr.
George Takei - If the marvellous Sulu doesn't win, I'll demand a public inquiry.
And finally:
Ant and Dec - On top form, as ever. No-one would watch it if it wasn't for them would they?

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