Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Joe's a true gag man...

It looks like Joe Swash is in danger of becoming this year’s serial bushtucker trial taker out in the I’m a Celeb jungle.
After many years of playing dull old Mickey Miller in Easties, who knew the squeaky voiced cockney could be so brilliantly entertaining under duress?
If he keeps this up, none of the other contestants are going to get a look in.
Last night, it was the familiar old “bug eating” trial - coming surprisingly early in this year’s series.
And Joe vs world famous internationally renowned, honest, glamour model Nicola did not disappoint.
Surely she’d been practicing beforehand though? How else do you explain the confident way she ate those live crickets?
Joe on the other hand was a total wreck. Loved the way he kept apologising for his “gagging reflex.” Ant and Dec nearly wet themselves.
Elsewhere, gay police chief Brian Paddick clashed briefly with East Midlands MEP Robert Kilroy-Silk.
The former had “won” a visit to see what life was like in grotty old Away Camp.
Kilroy welcomed him by telling him to "clear off"- although the big smirk on his face hinted he might have been, you know, joshing.
Poor Brian was not amused though - arriving back in his own camp to tell his mates how horrid the nasty orange man was to him and how he nearly cried he was so scared. Bless.
The sooner they dispense with the silly “split teams” and get these two together permanently, the better.