Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Over on EASTENDERS, it was a week of tragedy and utter silliness.
Excuse us if we’ve got this wrong and everything.
But until just a few short weeks ago, Dawn and Jase were happy enough living in a cramped bedroom with about 500 other members of their extended family (and Genghis the dog) in that dirty old hovel also known as "Keef Miller’s house." Right?
But now, Dawn has "had a taste of the good life."Or, to you and me, she’s moved into Shirl’s poxy old bedsit and put a few nice pictures on the wall.
So this obviously means that her aspirations have been raised really, really high. OK?
And she insists on a dream wedding and living in a WAGs pad in Essex? Despite neither she nor Jase having any discernable income to speak of?
So this means Jase has to try and out-manoeuvre master criminal Terry (who’ll always be Hazel to us). And thus get involved in a terrible kidnap plot with rather hideous consequences.
All in a matter of about two weeks?
God, EastEnders is pants sometimes, isn’t it?