Wednesday, 3 September 2008

FRANKLY, if we’d been in "Scury Brian’s" shoes, we’d have run a mile at the first sighting of Margi Clarke’s strawberry coiff.
Like her or loathe her, "Scury Margi’s" CORRIE comeback went down like a flaming lamborgini in Benidorm and, at least, had the effect of making us take to Auntie Pam more during her staunch defence of Molly and "Ty-rrrrohne".
Thus far, Auntie Pam has been a bit of an enigma, clanking around with her homemade pickles and her packets of "quality" ham. She’s one of those Corrie characters who starts on the Street with a gimmick (the Battersbys with their ghetto-blaster, Becky with her thievery) which you hope they’ll forget all about in a few weeks.
We’re also starting to like Julie – particularly if she keeps doing her random musical numbers. It was On The Street Where You Live this week – sung at a bemused Fiz about her teen-chasing boyfriend. In these moments, Julie seems almost like a young Rita Sullivan – and, believe us, there is no higher compliment.
Elsewhere, all men everywhere in the world have been turned into spluttering, dribbling idiots in the presence of Nina, Corrie’s former "Bollywood star".
"She has this effect on all men," proclaimed her boring husband. Really? "It’s the allure of the star." Star? That dumpy wench? We Corrie viewers can believe many things but the suggestion that woman is a legendary film siren? Not really.